Vahokhshatr Gath

Yasna, Hat 51


1. The good, the precious Dominion, as a most surpassing portion, shall Right achieve for him that with zeal accomplishes what is best through his actions, O Mazda. This will I now work out for us.


2. Before all, O Mazda Ahura, assure me the Dominion of your possession, O Right, and what is thine, O Piety. Your (Dominion) of blessing give through Good Thought to him that prays.


3. Let your ears attend to those who in their deeds and utterances hold to your words, Ahura and Right, to those of Good Thought, for whom thou, Mazda, art the first teacher.


4. Where is the recompense for wrong to be found, where pardon for the same? Where shall they attain the Right? Where is the holy Piety, where Best Thought? Thy Dominions, where are they, O Mazda?


5. All this (I) ask, whether the husbandman shall find cattle in accordance with Right, he that is perfect in action, a man of understanding, when he prays to him, who hath promised unto the Wise the true Judge, in that he is Lord of the two destinies...


6. Even he, Ahura Mazda, who through his Dominion appoints what is better than good to him that is attached to his will, but what is worse than evil to him that obeys him not, at the last end of life.


7. Give me, O thou that didst create the Ox and Waters and Plants, Welfare and Immortality, by the Highest Spirit, O Mazda, strength and continuance through Good Thought at the (Judge's) sentence.


8. Of these two things will I speak, O Mazda, for one may speak to the wise, the ill that is threatened to the Liar, and the happiness of him who clings to the Right. For he, the Prophet, is glad of every one who says this to the wise.


9. What recompense thou wilt give to the two parties by thy red Fire, by the molten metal, give us a sign of it in our souls even the bringing of ruin to the Liar, of blessing to the Righteous.


10. Whoso, other than this one, seeks to kill me, Mazda, he is a son of the Lie's creation, illwilled thus towards all that live. I call the Right to come to me with good destiny.


11. What man is friend to Spitama Zarathushtra, O Mazda? Who will let himself be counseled by Right? With whom is holy Piety? Or who as an upright man is intent on the brotherhood of Good Thought?


12. The Kavi's wanton did not please Zarathushtra Spitama at the Winter Gate, in that he stayed him from taking refuge with him, and when there came to him also (Zarathushtra's) two steeds shivering with cold.


13. Thus the Self of the Liar destroys for himself the assurance of the right Way; whose soul shall tremble at the Revelation on the Bridge of the Separator, having turned aside with deeds and tongue from the Path of Right.


14. The Karapans will not obey the statutes and ordinances concerning husbandry. For the pain they inflict upon the cattle, fulfill upon them through their actions and judgments that judgment which at the last shall bring them to the House of the Lie.


15. When Zarathushtra hath promised to the men of his brotherhood, (which) in the House of Song Ahura Mazda hath first attained, for all this I have looked through your blessings, Good Thought, and those of Right.


16. Kavi Vishtaspa hath the creed which the holy Mazda Ahura with Right hath devised, together with the dominion of the Brotherhood, and the path of Good Thought. So be it accomplished after our desire.


17. The fair form of one that is dear hath Frashaoshtra Hvogva promised unto me: may sovereign Mazda Ahura grant that she attain possession of the Right for her good Self.


18. This creed Jamaspa Hvogva chooses through Right, lordly in substance. This Dominion they (choose) who have part in Good Thought. This grant me, Ahura, that they may find in thee, Mazda, their protection.


19. The man himself, O MaidyoiMaungha Spitama, hath set this before him after conceiving it in his own self. He that would see life indeed, to him will he make known what in actions by Mazda's ordinance is better during (this) existence.


20. Your blessings shall ye give us, all that are one in will, with whom Right, Good Thought, Piety, and Mazda (are one) according to promise, giving your aid when worshipped with reverence.


21. By Piety the man becomes Holy. Such person advances Right through his thinking, his words, his action, his Self. By Good Thought Mazda Ahura will give the Dominion. For this good Destiny I long.


22. He, I ween, that Mazda Ahura knoweth among all that have been and are, as one to whom in accordance with Right the best portion falls for his prayer, these will I reverence by their own names and go before them with honor.


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